What is the difference between a tutor and a specialist?

In Texas, a Reading Specialist is a trained educator with a broad-based, extensive graduate education in reading education. All Texas Reading Specialists are required to have at least three years of classroom teaching experience, a Master's degree in Reading from an accredited graduate program, and must pass the Texas Reading Specialist state certification exam.

Reading Specialists are qualified to work in a variety of settings including public and private schools and in clinical practice. Furthermore, they can implement both assessment and scientifically research based instructional intervention for individuals from early childhood through adulthood. These highly educated individuals are specifically trained to recognize and treat all reading disabilities, including dyslexia.

Unfortunately, many individuals who claim to be Reading Specialists do not possess the required education or credentials. Many public and private schools will give the title of Reading Specialist to any teacher who works with students struggling with reading. Because of the frequent incorrect use of the title, Reading Specialist, parents should ask to see a copy of any Reading Specialist's state certification and Master's degree.

How long will the assessment process take?

Individual single subject assessments last approximately 3 hours. We do take breaks and provide snacks and drinks during the assessment. Combined multi-subject assessments take up to 6 hours.

Adults will come back approximately 2 weeks later for their scheduled feedback appointment. During this appointment, the assessor will go over the results, answer any questions, and offer treatment recommendations.

How many times a week can my child attend sessions during the summer?

If you enroll in the summer intensives program, you must complete a minimum of 16 daily two-hour sessions to receive the reduced summer intensive rate. 

The number of recommended sessions is based on results from your child's intake assessment and varies according to individual need.

What is the length of a session during the school year?

Sessions are typically 45 minutes or 1 hour in length.

What is the length of a session during summer intensives?

Summer intensives are scheduled for 2 hours per session.

What happens during a session?

Session activities are based on information from your child's intake report and are tailored to your child's specific strengths and weaknesses.  All activities are modeled on the most recent empirical research in the field of educational intervention. 



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