SAT Preparation

We provide one-on-one preparation for the PSAT and SAT. Your teen will not be in a group because we know each student needs a unique plan to enhance his or her test scores.


Step One: We analyze individual strengths and weaknesses in reading, math, and writing by viewing any prior testing data and administering sections of a practice test. 


Step Two: We put together a plan specific to your teen and then work on needed skills one-at-a-time during session. 


Step Three: We work with your teen to create a customized study schedule so he or she is prepared and confident by the time test day arrives!


Credit Recovery/Dual Enrollment

The Reading Connection partners with local schools to offer high school credit recovery for students who have courses that need to be repeated. Dual-enrollment, a more proactive solution, allows your student to take certain challenging courses one-on-one with a Reading Connection educator during the regular calendar year. Course design is tailored to specific student need, course requirements, and specifics set forth by the primary educational setting.

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