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The Reading Connection is the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex's premier private reading clinic and learning center. We provide one-on-one academic assessment and intervention to meet your student's specific, individual needs. Unlike corporate or commercialized tutoring programs, we do not believe one size fits all; instead, we provide highly specialized and skilled intervention that is targeted to the individual and is based on the most recent scientific research in the education field. We have a proven track record of helping students of all ages, in both the private and public setting, become successful and confident lifelong learners.


What Our Parents and Professionals Are Saying

I walked in to my son's room tonight to find him reading a book to himself.  I didn't ask him to do this, he just did it.  It's the little things that make life spectacular, and this was one of those moments.  (Maybe someday I'll walk in to see him reading All Quiet on the Western Front, but Piggie & Gerald is enough for this Mama right now.)

Thank you all for everything you do.  We appreciate yall beyond measure.


From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! Brodie loves coming and races home to do his homework. The confidence and love yall have shown him has already made a huge improvement. This morning he talked about reading Mudge books and that they were hard but he could do it. Then he said I can't wait to read a chapter book. Amazintg! This goes to show you that when a child feels loved and safe anything is possible. You are tops in my book!


I thought you would be proud to know that Bailey is going into the 8th grade with all A/B's. He has really had to work hard but I also know what a blessing it was finding you five years ago. I still find it hard to believe after our initial meeting about his double deficit dyslexia diagnoses that he has done so well!!! Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!!!!


Tracy and I were in the kitchen when the mail came. As we were opening a few packages,   I heard Tracy say, "Oh! It's my book!"  She was holding an 582 page, thick paperback. Over 13 years ago when she started working with you, even the thought of reading a sentence would make her cry. The only way that she has the skills to ENJOY reading, and to be returning to College successfully with renewals of two academic scholarships, is because of what you and the Reading Connection was able to do for her.  We do not say thank you enough!


Just wanted to let you know that we had Parent-Teacher conferences yesterday, and Nathan's teacher was happy to report that for  the past few weeks, since he started with Ann, he has completely turned around! His self confidence has improved, he is no longer making excuses to avoid doing his work, he is even working on catching up on completing all the work he didn't want to do in the past! He is finally willing to write. He is also letting her know what distracts him, and asking for help to remove distractions. He has realized that when his friends are noisy, he can't concentrate, so he now has an agreement with his teacher that whenever he needs it he can sit at her table where there are less distractions.

Thank you so much for everything! If someone would have told me that I would here all of this from Nathan's teacher, I wouldn't have believed it. Before, every time we talked it was about figuring out new ways to help him, but now it was nothing but compliments!!

Doris L.

Thanks Jane.  We are amazed at how much Cindy has progressed. She is excited about reading and is picking books to read to us at night. We had to go to bed last night before she finished a chapter in her Mercy Watson book and she insisted that she read the rest of the chapter to me on our way to school this morning.  Two months ago she would cry if we asked her to read anything.  We can't believe it.

H. Minde

Thank you so much! I've seen some major improvements in Isabel's reading and writing, especially over the past few months and I know a lot of it has to do with the tools you have given her. Thanks again.


Both of my children were enrolled in TRC's summer intensive program last summer, and it was such a positive experience for all of us.  Their reading specialists worked with us to find times that fit within our busy schedule, and my kids actually enjoyed coming to the clinic for their sessions.  I can't recommend this program fact, I will be enrolling them again this year!

Reading-Connection Parent

Megan's first semester progress is encouraging. The TCC faculty members were impressed. Who would think a 22 year old with Down Syndrome, IDD and dyslexia could do this?Thank you both so much for sticking with her. Her slow steady progress is something to celebrate.


I debated whether or not to enroll my son in the summer intensive program, given that he had just completed a rigorous school year. However, I am so glad that I did.  He made incredible progress over the 6 weeks that he was at TRC, and it made the transition back to school in the fall much easier.

TRC Parent

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