Children and adolescents with ADHD often struggle with reading and a range of academics. In addition, children with reading disabilities (dyslexia) are twice as likely as the general population to have an attention disorder. This is problematic because most dyslexia or academic language therapy programs were not created for individuals with ADHD.

These traditional, lockstep, one-size fits all dyslexia programs, while they are based on good science, are not appropriate for children with ADHD. This is because ADHD involves difficulties in many areas of executive function that are not addressed by traditional dyslexia therapy programs.

Individuals with ADHD struggle to initiate tasks, plan tasks, organize their materials and thoughts, process information and store information in memory. They also struggle when instruction is not engaging and is not specifically tailored to their personal needs.

At The Reading Connection, we have a multi-component approach to treating reading and other learning problems designed with the ADHD child or adolescent in mind.

We also treat the executive function difficulties with behavioral or executive function coaching. This unique combination of coaching, high engagement intervention, and supportive relationships makes what we do especially effective.