Executive Function Coaching



For many students, skills such as organization and planning can be the single most challenging obstacle to school success. Our comprehensive executive function coaching program helps students from grade 5 through college overcome their specific areas of difficulty. Our program has proven effective in helping middle, high school, and college students to improve their grades and more importantly to improve their confidence and self concept.

At an initial executive function intake meeting, parents and students fill out surveys to pinpoint specific areas of concern. During the initial intake meeting, the student will be administered several assessments including:

Self evaluation of executive function
Quantitative measures of executive function
An intake assessment report will be provided within two weeks of the assessment date. This report includes analysis of strengths and weaknesses, as well as, executive function coaching recommendations.

All incoming clients are asked to bring any prior diagnostic testing, school report cards, and work samples. 

Coaching Sessions

Students meet one to three times a week with their personal coach, a highly trained educator, to work on their own executive function needs. Topics covered in sessions are based on the student's individual executive function intake assessment. The executive function program will help students to improve skills in the following areas:

Time management
Working memory
Task initiation
Response inhibition
Emotional control
Sustained attention
Goal-directed persistence
Metacognition (thinking about one's own mental processes)

executive function coaching


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